Fixed Fee Review

Do you have a question about your existing lease but you worry that it will cost you a lot to find out the answer?

Then try our £199 fixed fee service

Our Fixed Fee Review is the answer. We will spend 60 minutes with you reviewing your documents/lease/title and answering your questions on it. We will use Plain English to give you practical, pro-active advice to help you make the best business decision in your situation. If you go on to instruct us on the matter you raised with us, a credit of £99 will normally be applied to our standard fees. So what do you have to lose? Check with us now to put your mind at rest.

Or do you a have question about your commercial property title? Do you want to know if there any restrictions on what you can use your property for? Is there a question mark over exactly what you own?

Are you about to agree Heads of Terms for a new lease? Find out first what is commercially required and what may be negotiable before agreeing to anything. Often Heads of Terms are agreed before a solicitor is instructed and it can be very difficult to renegotiate a term already agreed at a later date. Instructing us before they are agreed can save you time and money in the long run.